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Provincial news coverage topic for May/2017; The mishandling of Provincial funds.

Case #1

Provincial Auditor General For Alberta
Merwan Saher – Alberta’s Auditor General

Provincial Auditor General Slams Healthcare System – Alberta’s auditor General Merwan Saher called out our inefficient and uncoordinated healthcare system. Well done sir, I love hearing that. Yet the government doesn’t listen, and that’s not shocking. This is why governments rarely fix any problems they create.  Who can we hold accountable? The health minister Fred Horne who said “While he, too, isn’t happy with large salary payouts to former executives, they were necessary to “right-size” the system.” Would seem like the right place to start.

Our auditor general pointed out a few of the things our healthcare system could improve on, including working together and being more efficient. He Says “Too many roadblocks continue to prevent the government and health providers from working together to give people the best quality of care possible.” I wonder what those roadblocks are.

So what can we do to solve these issues? With the millions we’ve spent to date on healthcare, the projected millions we’re paying going forward and the Millions that we’re supposedly saving. Build a patient database; spend the money to upgrade the entire network. Crazy idea, start fresh, stop taking the lazy way out and stop wasting the tax dollars we could use elsewhere, perhaps towards education?

Case #2

Provincial Representative for Alberta Teachers
The A.T.A

 Educators Vs Alberta’s Provincial Government – Oh wait we did, kind of. The educators and our provincial government have come to a 2 year agreement. The deal includes a conditional wage freeze, and $75 million for a classroom improvement fund. Okay, so no raises for teachers. That’s fine, and here is why. Weren’t some teachers paying for basic tools of learning, out of their own pockets? with a classroom improvement fund, teachers shouldn’t have to pay for anything out of their pockets anymore.

Sure it’s not as good as a raise, you still have a silver lining to all this. You qualify for a raise! if other large public sector unions, are successful in securing pay raises in their upcoming negotiations. Where is the money for the classroom improvement fund going and what is it paying for? Who knows maybe the provincial government will just hurl darts at map and divide accordingly.

How about we give it a shot, I’m sure we can figure this one out. 10 Provinces + 3 Territories = 13 | $75,000,000/13 = $5,769,230.80 per province & territory. Simple right? No, as we all know that isn’t how government works. At any level not just provincial. I’m sure they have some complex algorithm, that accounts for certain perimeters and alternating variables. Good luck teachers.

Case #3

CPC Vegreville
Picture Courtesy Global News

 Moving Federal Immigration Processing Centre – This story comes out of Vegreville Alberta. Just more evidence of poor budget planning, wasteful spending and seemingly trying to take the lazy way out. Back in November our federal government suggested that moving the centre to Edmonton would be cheaper. When in fact it will cost us more, and drive unemployment in Alberta higher. With Edmonton sitting at 8.5% and Calgary at 9.2% as of April/2017, currently 17.7% of people in the province are unemployed.

Which is what makes this move seem all the more inefficient. Let’s spend 46.6 Million or $1,864,000 per year, on renovations and leasing over the next 25 yrs. Those renovations are proposed to be done to the Canada Place building (Federally owned by the way), located in downtown Edmonton. This move would only create 33 new jobs, but at what “cost”. Vegreville is a small population, and this proposed move would subtract 280 jobs or about 5-7% of the city’s population. Now what is that going to do for for the unemployment rate for the province?

The Immigration Minister John McCallum said: “The government inherited a completely broken immigration system, so our priority has to be to improve service, to reduce processing time, and to spend taxpayers’ money wisely”. Spending an extra $10.8 Million dollars, is certainly not utilizing tax dollars very efficiently. Therefore use the money to upgrade the current building, leave 280 jobs in an already small city, and create 33 more jobs in Vegreville. As you said sir, spend the taxpayers money wisely.

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