4th of August/2017 Local News Stories And Thoughts

Edmonton Alberta News For August 4th, 2017

Edmonton Employment Recovery Takes A Hit

4th of August 2017 – Edmonton’s unemployment rate hits yet another bump. It’s going to take awhile still for the its record high to start coming back down. Which I still find confusing, with some of my previous articles touching on this. Hopefully I can get more time to understand unemployment and how it fluctuates from month to month. For more information on the number of full time jobs lost, read the full article linked below. I’m not exactly sure why the unemployment rate is high, yet there are supposed to be a lot of job openings. Perhaps the requirements for new employees to be hired are too high? Or maybe the available labor force isn’t quite skilled enough. Either way we currently have a lot of unemployed people in this city and across the province. This combined with our rising national debt, and its no wonder people struggle daily.

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