3rd of August/2017 Local News Stories And Thoughts

Edmonton Alberta News For August 3rd, 2017

Food Bank In Serious Need Of Assistance

3rd of August 2017 – With the higher rate of unemployment in this city, our food bank is in major need. If you where going out to the hermitage festival this weekend bring a food donation. If you were unable to do so, maybe stop by in person and a drop off a food donation. The Food Bank is located here. With bare shelves in the warehouse I’m going to go out on a limb. They’ll probably need all types of donations for babies/children, teens, Adults as well as seniors. Please if you have anything to spare that isn’t about to expire than get on down to the Food Bank. It’s not an immediate solution. However if we all started growing our own fruits and vegetables we could all donate a little more. We could also utilize more community style gardens or greenhouses.

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