2nd of August/2017 Local News Stories And Thoughts

Edmonton Alberta News For August 2nd, 2017

Burnout Is A Thing

2nd of August 2017 – I’m not referring to burning out your vehicle tires either. I am however talking about mental health. While burnout isn’t a medial term, technically there is also no diagnosis either. However recently some doctors have been using the term in reference to a group of patients suffering from chronic stress. Your age doesn’t even matter in this as mental health can and does effect everyone. More awareness is needed but Mental health is no longer looked at as a sign of weakness, which is huge for progress going forward.

There is probably a physical limit to this as well, pushing the body to far and the mind farther is never wise. Rest and relaxation are very important to not only recharge your bodies battery, but to ease stress off your mind and body. Sounds tacky but negative energy can be very crippling.

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