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Cups To Define Connors Career

Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club

1st of August 2017 – The Great One is playing a little golf in the Oilers Pro/Am. And of course while there he was asked about McDavid and his recent signing and achievements. It reminded Gretz of his young phenom days, and how McDavid can relate. The achievements are nice, but now he needs the other piece to go with them. Of course he is talking about the Stanley Cup. While Crosby has 3 Stanley Cups and a few Olympic Gold medals. Connor will get there someday, and It’s sad that he won’t get to partake in the upcoming Olympic games.

Which it is sad that Connor will not get the chance to represent Canada at hockey’s highest level. Which would be at this upcoming winter games in South Korea. The N.H.L chose to not go to the games for reasons of ignorance and insanity. Okay those aren’t the actual reasons, but you can find the highlights to their decision linked below.

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