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Natural Health Services Marijuana Card

ABFTM is supporter of green ideas, and those energy ideas aren’t so bad either. Without getting too off topic, hemp itself is extremely useful and diverse. What can’t it do is really the question to ask yourself. It can be used through-out various industries, from textile to construction to name a couple examples. It’s counter part marijuana is useful as well for many health related issues. How something you can eat and grows naturally is illegal is beyond me, but leave it to our government to tell us how to “safely” use it. But If you have never heard of the Phoenix Tears Foundation please check it out. It’s not directly connected to this article but still relevant with the topic before us.

Also checkout our How To: Video for making Cannabutter.

The Interview

I sat down with Sallad Nikad back on July, 3rd. We talked about the benefits that he receives from using the marijuana card, his thoughts on the upcoming legalization and just the benefits of marijuana use going forward. As a result of our sit down I asked him the following questions.

  1. Q: How long have you had the card? A: He has had his marijuana card for 1 year now.
  2. Q: Why do you need a Marijuana card? A: An Alberta physician deemed his condition required a prescription for a pain killer. And wanting an alternative to opioids, marijuana was a desirable option.
  3. Q: Where did you get your marijuana card from? A: From a clinic in Sherwood Park called Natural Health Services.
  4. Q: Are you happy with your doctor/ what kind of service is provided? A: The out-patient service has follow ups every 3 months and I happily look forward to filling my prescription.
  5. Q: How much does it all cost? A: The price is average to what’s available on the streets.
  6. Q: What’s the better option buy your marijuana from a dispensary or an LP (Licensed Producer)? A: The access is much easier in other places such as Vancouver, BC. buying it through a store and paying taxes is a lot more desirable than the streets.
  7. Q: What effect do you think the upcoming legalization will have on the service as it is now? A: As someone who’s been excising his legal right for a year now, I see only green pastures ahead.
  8. Q: Do you think Canada has the right idea with legalization going forward? A: The current strategy really might not do what other jurisdictions have done around the world. Like say in Portugal, or Venezuela. Even parts of the United States such as Col, Wash, and Nevada to name a few. Will they do it in a free market way, like in Denver or perhaps are they going to highly regulate it like in Amsterdam. As someone who’s partaken in marijuana in those two jurisdictions, the more open about it the better.
  9. Q: Are all LP’s government owned? A: They operate in a seemingly legal grey zone, as the government doesn’t yet recognize marijuana as a taxable industry. Its risky a investment with high rewards.
  10. Q: Would you invest in a local non government controlled producer/dispensary? A: I’m currently looking at the possibility of training bud tenders and marijuana shouldn’t be treated any different than say a tomato or anything else you could grow in your backyard.
  11. Q: Would you recommend this to someone, and why? A: Of course, I think the more open the better.

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